"It's For The Birds..." - Unique Bird Seed Cakes


"It's For The Birds..." helps you Create Beautiful Paverpol Sculptures for your garden and sells Unique bird seed cakes for your feathered friends with a touch of Whimsy.

 NEW... 2018  SPRING/SUMMER   
* Garden lady, Diva or Mermaid *
March 24th, May 12th
Tall 3' lady... $165.00

* Heron or Flamingo Garden Sculpture *
April 15th, May 27th and June 9th   
large $175.00 or medium $140.00 

* Mixed Class *
what do you want to make?
quail family, dragonfly, mask, canvas or owl?
make it a full day and make 2.

June 23rd

...PST will be added to all classes...

***Do you have a group of friends that want to get together for a class?***
give me a call and we can make a date. 
must be 6 people.

Come and enjoy a glass of wine or two with your friends while creating some art and memories.Mask or Canvas... April 18thQuail, bird or small owl on driftwood...May 16th

.(Pictures are students)

NEW classes... dragonfly, quail and bunny

Please see the STUDENTS PICTURE PAGE at the left of this page ... you too can create a beautiful garden sculpture for your gardens.


It's for the birds. Paverpol

Unique bird Seedcakes 

These delightful cakes are packed with solid bird seed, made into shapes, wired, then embellished so they can be hung in a tree.You'll love seeing your birdies  peck away at the cute hearts, Angels and flowers while 
adding some charm to your gardens.
Hang up a nest, plop in an egg and watch your little winged friends go wild. We also have twig angels with a bird seed cake heart that adds whimsical character that will last forever with refills.  Perfect gift for all Bird Lovers, teachers, bus drivers or hostess gift.

Call or email Joan anytime for that PERFECT Gift!
250-764-5338 or 250-317-6489

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