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Beginner Paverpol Workshop in Kelowna
Paverpol workshops are focused on creativity and conversation. It is designed to give women (and men) the opportunity to get together to explore their own creativity in a new way while sharing conversation and laughter. 
 You don’t need to be creative or artistic... …. just an interest to explore that creative spirit that is in all of us.
Please join me in a fun and friendly atmosphere.
With Paverpol all you need is an old t-shirt, some wire, tin foil  and a little imagination and you can create an indoor/outdoor garden statue that will amaze your family and friends.

Paverpol is an eco-friendly, non-toxic, textile hardener that can be used by anyone, even children.  It can be used to harden natural fabrics, leather, paper,  jute, silk flowers,  moss and much, much more.
Workshop Basics
You will create either a standing or sitting figure.  Basic stands will be provided or you can choose to bring your own stand.
(driftwood, rock etc.)

 My hope is that you will have a stress free day, relax, learn and enjoy. And at the end of the day you will go home with a finished sculpture.


(Pictures are students)

Please email me along with a $50.00 E-transfer for the deposit to hold your spot.  Looking forward to creating with you!  itsforthebirds@telus.net
Classes will be cancelled if not full and deposit will be returned.
Call Joan at 250-764-5338 in Kelowna.

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